Leakproof High Rise Period Undies 3Pack - GirlyCode

Leakproof High Rise Period Undies 3Pack - GirlyCode

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 The Best Period Panties That Actually Work for Heavy and Light Flows

Every girl knows the struggle during her red days. It’s a monthly challenge to be as poised as possible even though you are at your most uncomfortable week.

Dysmenorrhea, mood swings, and the constant worry whether you have a red stain on your pants, it sure can make the situation a lot worse. 

Introducing the Leakproof High-Rise Period Undies!

Leakproof High Rise Period Undies 3Pack - GirlyCode


Specially made for the special days of the month, they guarantee that you can still feel a little comfortable during your period.

 Our Period Undies Size Chart

Size Chart /cm Waist Waist streching Suggest Weight
L 58-75 80-95 40-50 kg
XL 65-80 90-95 45-55 kg
2XL 70-85 95-105 55-65 kg
3XL 75-90 105-110 65-75 kg
4XL 80-100 110-115 75-85 kg
5XL 90-110 115-120 85-90 kg

Made with quality fabric that feels comfortable against the skin and yet, thick enough to assure that you won’t get any unwanted stains and suffer the embarrassment. It’s basically waterproof!

 Leakproof High Rise Period Undies 3Pack - GirlyCode

You also don’t need to wear a tampon or pad because this works by itself. It’s almost as if you’re just on any regular day. You can move freely without the uncomfortable feeling of the string or the worry of your pad not staying in place.

 Leakproof High Rise Period Undies 3Pack - GirlyCode

The high-rise style of these panties hugs your tummy perfectly so that works great for the bloating dilemma during your period.

 Leakproof High Rise Period Undies 3Pack - GirlyCode

They come in adorable colors and a pack contains three panties, so you’re all good for almost the whole duration of your period.

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