Watches for Girls & Women

A time conscious individual is a productive person. Admit it, you would do a task at 8 in the morning and when you finally look at the time, it’s 3 on the afternoon! Clock ticks faster when you’re immersed on a particular activity which is why watches are the new trend.


Well, not actually “new” but a statement to be more aware of the ticking bomb. Have you ever gone through a point on waking up in the afternoon, realizing how you wasted half your day sleeping? It’s normal! Any waking person desires to be productive even on the simplest chore like fixing your bed.


If you think about it, what you do in your day to day life will be the formula of your outcome and achievements in the future. That’s why, it’s crucial to get up early, plan and finish tasks to feel contented at the end of the day.


About Watches

“Watch your time!” is an ironic statement. Nowadays, people use phones to look at the time and compare their progress throughout the event. The essence of wearing a watch has been taken for granted, people complain how you don’t need an item that clings to your wrist. The moments where it feels heavier while walking down the streets or the need to change the battery.


These may be some negative feedback you hear concerning on wearing watches. If you think of a different view, you can immediately know what time is it, you don’t have to pull out your phone every single time. Also, if you’re running a quick errand wouldn’t it be better to wear a watch instead of bringing an unattachable phone?


In Girlycode, we offer the most uniquely designed timepiece at a reasonable price. There are different types of watches such as digital, chronograph, analog, automatic, dress, quartz, etc. You can purchase one with a leather-like fabric, plastic or even cotton. Find great deals now!

Woman Leather Rhinestone Rivet Chain Quartz Bracelet - Yellow

Chain Quartz Wristwatches

From € 6.99 EUR

Rose Gold Luxury Watch

Rose Gold Luxury Watch

Sale € 84.99 EUR Regular price
€ 124.99 EUR

Save $40
Leopard Diamond Fashion Watch

Leopard Diamond Fashion Watch

Sale € 112.99 EUR Regular price
€ 154.99 EUR

Save $42
Ultra Thin Ladies Luxury Watch

Ultra thin Ladies Luxury Watch

Sale from € 76.99 EUR Regular price
€ 124.99 EUR

Save $48
3G Sim Card Smart Watch Phone

3G SIM Card Smart Watch Phone

Sale € 558.99 EUR Regular price
€ 650.99 EUR

Save $92
Fitness Smartwatch For Women

Fitness Smartwatch For Women

Sale € 124.99 EUR Regular price
€ 146.99 EUR

Save $22
Luxury Crystal Wristwatch

Luxury Crystal Wristwatch

Sale € 14.99 EUR Regular price
€ 24.99 EUR

Save $10
Luxury Ladies Watch

Luxury ladies watch

€ 18.99 EUR

Butterfly Watch

Butterfly Watch

€ 14.99 EUR