Sunglasses for Women

“Ah, I don’t need sun protection since I’ll only be out for a couple of hours” is what most people say until they notice the dark spots on their face or how it’s unbelievably rough and dry. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be out for a quick half hour because it takes UV rays a “millisecond” to harm you – from body to the eyes.

Protect yourself from ultraviolet rays with the use of sunblock and handy sunglasses! Without these two necessities, you’re practically burning to the point that your skin cells disintegrate, decreases collagen and fast track your aging process! Yikes, we have got the right products for you in just a few clicks. Better buy it lightning speed because every minute that ticks mean more damage onto your body!

Sunglasses should be IN your bag

Sunglasses will be your best friend from the dangerous effects of UV rays, it’s as close as a shield and as fashionable as any other accessory. Why purchase a lot of accessories when sunglasses is a 2-in-1 benefit for you!

Girlycode aims to help you in your needs by selling sunglasses at an affordable price. We believe cost should NEVER be a problem, you don’t have to go through all the trouble on buying an expensive pair of glasses if cheap ones are just as effective.

There are different kinds of sunglasses such as polarized, aviator, butterfly, rectangle, round, wayfarer, and more. It should complement your face shape, if you have a round face avoid big round glasses as well. It’s best to go for square-shaped glasses!

Make sure to buy glasses that’s 100% UV protection! People tend to forget to find out the protective percentage and instead pick out a stylish design. It’s better to be safe early on than regret what you didn’t do to protect yourself from the humid hot weather.