Women would take down a storm to buy a high quality handbag! Why does it seem like every woman’s dream to have a collection of it? Because it represents the economic status and power of an individual. The more you have, the richer you are is what people perceive.

 Ever imagined yourself going through your day to day life without a bag by your side? Women stow away a LOT of items in their backpack; a wallet, makeup kit, phone, and notebook – to name a few.

 If you were asked to rate the importance of a handbag, what would it be? A survey has showed that more than 85% of the U.S. population voted bags as the second top necessity in every individual’s belonging. Without it, you’ll be running through the streets with paper works in hand.

About Bags

Nowadays, you can easily get your hands on bags in different types of color and style. There are kinds that is made for individuals who is looking for more storage space. Others prefer small pouch or purses to put away their phone and wallet.

In Girlycode, durability is one of the factors we take pride of. We sell products that is not only up the streets but can last longer than expensive designers. You’ll be walking around your city with a bag uniquely made just for you! No one, as in no one, will have the same design and quality as yours because the items we have are limited edition.

Same as any other accessory, a bag has the ability to compliment your outfit. Now, it’s up to the individual to pick the right one; from bags like backpacks, clutch, shoulder bags, tote bags. Items made out of different fabrics like leather, dunnage, etc. How to know if it’s the right one? If it’s meant to be, it’ll call for your attention!

EMMA Theft-Proof Backpack - The Best Backpack of 2019 (Limited Edition)

EMMA™ Theft-Proof Backpack - The Best Backpack of 2019 (Limited Edition)

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€ 54.99 EUR

Save $30
EMMA™  Fanny pack

EMMA™ Fanny pack

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€ 74.99 EUR

Save $20
Wallet Card Holder - Pink

EMMA™ Wallet Card Holder

Sale € 20.99 EUR
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€ 34.99 EUR

Save $14