Activewear and accessories

“If there’s no pain, no gain” is what gym fanatics tell you while you run an extra mile on a treadmill. If you want to get rid of excess weight in your body, you need to grind harder in the gym which roughly means, exercise and eat healthy everyday!

Now, there are some types of people who dread lifting even a 2kg dumbbell. Girl, you won’t get any results by complaining! But then, those who complain either do not have an active lifestyle or they feel uncomfortable during workout sessions. If you’re the latter, we believe you have one problem and it’s the kind of outfit you wear.

Wearing The Right Activewear

Here are a few hints to find out if what you wear is suitable for working out. Does your clothes cling to your sweaty body to the point that it feels tight and suffocating? Or maybe in the middle of running, your steps get heavier and heavier like you’re lifting an extra weight? The icing to top it off is how the shirt you’re wearing is either too tight or loose.

These are a few reasons that may hinder you from appreciating your workout sessions. What’s the best solution? Buy the appropriate activewear from the top to bottom! Due to its’ type of material, sweat-proof stretchy fabric, it is difficult to find clothes at a good price!

Please take note, just because it’s in the sports section doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to use for all kind of physical activity. Runners wear feather-like clothing such as leggings and t-shirts while cyclers use tighter outfits. Women who do yoga go for long and flowy outfits, same as dancers. Gym goers use sweat resistant fabrics, and many more.

With that in mind, do you have an idea on what type of clothes you need? Through Girlycode, you can purchase it fast in a few clicks!

Back Posture Corrector For Man & Woman - 50% Off Today !

Back Posture Corrector for Man & Woman - 50% Off Today !

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Back Massage Stretcher

Back Massage Stretcher

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