No back surgery, No miracle! Simple and easy way to correct your back and even improve your posture.

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As a child, I remembered watching fairytales and reading novels about princesses and how they were trained to become women. They would go to fancy finishing schools where during training they would be required to carry around a book on their head to maintain posture or to practice it.


I would often mimic them, idolizing the good that can come from having a proper posture I started to copy these movements and practices trying to force myself to sit upright and stand properly.

 Whatever that is. During my time at high school, I enrolled in the school’s cadet corps and the problem of having a proper posture presented itself yet again, I almost respired when I began finding it difficult to stand at attention without leaning forward too much or back. Within a few weeks, I got it down and began walking in a way that impressed people. I had no idea having proper posture was so noticeable. Sighs, those were the good old days.


Now I am a slightly overweight mom of three beautiful twins with my once drop dead gorgeous body bent and stretched terribly out of shape. Not just from the pregnancy but also from ill-treatment, with three twins and a husband plus a full time job I hardly have time for myself.

My husband though he loved me dearly and tried his best never to make me feel lesser than I am or was before getting pregnant, did not exactly like the new me. My curves where somewhere there among the love handles but I could tell he missed them.

He was being deployed in a couple of weeks and so Without telling him I embarked on a body correcting journey with the goal of looking even better than I did before I got pregnant.

Making a change

When he left I started the journey, we had decided to hire a sitter since I would be home alone. We hired a kind middle-aged woman caregiver for our son and man did she give care. Cooking specific meals to suit my weight loss needs and packing them so I can grab and go from the fridge. As my journey started to pay off, I began feeling a numbing pain in my lower back.


I pass it off as flesh pain and continued working out. However, the more I worked out the more it hurt, so I decided to visit the doctor apparently bad posture as somehow damaged my back and I needed corrective surgery. That evening I went home shattered, I did not want to do back surgery that will make me immobile for a while.

The breakthrough I did not know about

 As I entered the house my dear Miss Teleton could tell something was wrong and immediately went into caring mode, I explained what was wrong and she asked me to stand up. She looked at me from head to toe “I know what’s the problem” she said snapping her fingers “I will be right back” she hurried off and I curiously looked after her. She returned with a roll of straps in her hand, I looked at her confused.

“Don’t worry she said you will soon see what all the fuss is about” she asked me to stretch my arms out and I did she slipped one strap over my right hand then my left, the straps came over my shoulder and then around my waist. She then adjusted it while asking me if it was too tight here or there when I was comfortable, she stood back and looked pleased, I turned to her still confused “a waist trainer?”

I asked remembering that I had seen something similar on health sites that I have browsed “no” she responded “a back corrector or posture corrector, I wear it all the time to help keep my back in the correct form. Wear it for a couple weeks even while you work out and you will see.”

It has been three weeks since Miss Teleton had told me about the posture corrector as I have come to call it and I must say I am impressed. Even my doctor cannot believe my progress; I have even gone out and gotten her a new one with more features and better support as well as one for myself that suits my specific needs. I had no idea that there were so many different varieties. 

They are even gender sensitive ones tailored specifically for a male or female I was impressed for sure. By the time my husband got home my body was looking as smashing as ever and my back pain was all but gone but the biggest whoop was the impressive way my back now looked as well as the improvement of my posture.

The posture corrector is easy to use and it really works. I was as elegant as princess from a finish school in less than a month. If you try it, I am certain you would be impressed too.

Who needs expensive corrective surgery or a miracle when a posture correction is just a click away?

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