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Today was one of those sad days; I was going to hospital with my best friend Lucy to see her father, he was a jovial old man that gave us laughs but it saddened us both to see him suffer.  

He has been sick for sometimes and with each passing day Lucy got more and more worried.  He was all she had left and she did not want to lose him. Sometimes he is in excruciating and no matter the medication, which they gave him it would not stop.

There was another difficulty he faced sometimes his hands would go limp and he was unable to do anything for himself. Even the simplest task was a hassle, even brushing his teeth. When we arrived, he was being hassled by a male nurse, the nurse was trying to get him to brush his teeth “I will take it from here” loosely said sternly. I could tell she took offence about how the man was handling her father; I watched in silence as she gently rubbed the toothbrush along her father’s teeth and gums, gently speaking to him trying to admonish him to let the nurses do their jobs. Her concern for him was evident.

When we left the hospital it was pass visiting time, I could see that her mind was in turmoil she must be thinking about a way to make brushing his teeth easier. Since that seems to be the most difficult thing for him to allow someone else to do. As we walked towards the car she said aloud “there must be some mechanical toothbrush or something that I could buy for him.” We drove home still thinking.

The next time I visited the hospital with Lucy the first thing I noticed when I walked in was the strange but cute looking device at her father’s bedside.

Oral Irrigator

“What is that?” I asked amazed she smiled, “that my friend is an Oral Irrigator” I looked at her wide-eyed “Oral what?” she got down into explaining what the Oral irrigator was. In short, an oral irrigator is a home dental care device. It uses a stream of pulsating water to remove plaque and food debris between teeth as well as below the gum line.

The oral irrigator improves gingival health. It can be used as a toothpick or a flosser; it is easy to use as it quickly and defectively cleans the mouth.

Though it was originally made for oral care, it can be used for other purposes. It can even be used to remove tonsil stones. As she finished I smiled I was impressed “that is really awesome” I said to her “he should be very comfortable now.” I watched as she set up the machine in the bathroom and began the cleaning process, she asked the nurse to take over and her father barely protested. He seemed to be more comfortable with the apparatus doing the work.

As we left the hospital that evening Lucy was much more relaxed, the Oral irrigator really did the trick. Her dad no longer had to fight with nurses when his hands failed him.

The Oral Irrigator is an easy to use device that can promote independence among senior family members as well as children who want to brush their teeth themselves, with the oral Irrigator you do not have to worry that they will not do the job right as it is specialized to produce the best possible result.

The oral irrigator is a good device have in one’s bathroom I have recently bought one and it works perfectly. My husband especially loves it as when he goes out with is friends and has too much to drink he can clean his mouth quickly and be in bed in no time, which prevents from waking up with bar breath.

An awesome device to have and I am sure you will love it too.

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