An all purpose powering tool that looks like a gun, wow! Not all guns are that bad.

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I sat down staring at my care flabbergasted, I was so happy I could float off into oblivion I was the proud owner of an Audi R8 and even though I have had it a couple months, sometimes I cannot get over it. My husband loves to keep the cars we owned in tiptop shape, he would wash and clean them at least once a week and take them in for check-ups and alignment even for a wash.

According to him, there were sometimes areas on the car that he could not get at but the equipment at the car wash could. Immediately I began wonder how I can help him with this.

One day I went to spend some time with my aunt it was more like helping her out, she had some cleaning to be done at the house and since she lived, alone I usually stop by to help, I climbed into my gem of a car and drove towards her house.

When I got there, she was in the middle of changing the sheets, curtains and coverings on the dresser in my old room. I kissed her on the cheek and went about helping her. I found it odd that she had started here so I asked her about it. She smiled “I had a helper before you came to live with me and I had her help me with the cleaning. Therefore, we do not have much to do today.”  I could almost kiss her I was thrilled, I told how I am happy to hear that trying not to show how much I liked the idea.

According to her we only need to do the windows and a few other little things around the yard, this brought me back to the windows in my bedroom.

As a child cleaning those were difficult, I explained to her the problem I had with the windows, she nodded her head and smiled “go to the closet and bring me my cleaning guns” I moved off to the equipment closet. As I swung the doors opened I stopped dead in my tracks, I had no clue what a cleaning gun was. I went back to her and she smiled and beckoned me to follow her when she got to the closet she bent forward and picked up a utility belt it was packed with gun shaped apparatuses   I stared at her stupefied she began to explain. By the time the she finished I had a general idea what a cleaning gun was and the importance of them.

Each had its own purpose there were cleaning guns that you attached to a hose for washing off surfaces such as the windows. One of them had multiple heads to change the intensity of the water that came from the head. There was one for spraying insecticide or fertilizer and another for the vacuum cleaner or the kitchen sink hose.

Another awesome feature was that each of them could be screwed to bottles for mobile use, which was a great feature. We went out and she gave me the one that worked with the garden hose, I immediately attached it and ready the ladder in no time the windows were clean and I adjusted the head each time to reach the intensity needed to wash the hard to reach areas.

Then it dawned on me these would suit my husband’s car cleaning needs perfectly. I told my aunt about the issue my husband was having she was more than happy to allow me to take the utility belt packed with cleaning guns.

After I finished helping her I climbed into my car. I could not wait to get home to show it to my husband. When I got home, he was hosing down the SUV. I climbed out a waved at him he turned the hose at me drenching me from head to toe. I did not mind I was already a mess from the cleaning “very smooth” I said walking up to him pretending to be upset. I dangled the utility belt from my right hand and he looked alarmed, I laughed then went into explaining the importance and use of the devices on the belt “I think this solves your car cleaning needs” I finished. He took the belt and examined each one he chose too attaching one unto a bottle he use to have a sprout on and the other onto the hose for getting into the hard to reach areas on the carpet.

He even found one that get to the hard to reach places behind seats as well as other creases in the car. When he got done he kept smiling “thank you baby” he said “these cleaning guns really made a different, I will have to get some of my own that a specific to my needs” he handed me the belt and I stood there grinning like a clown.

A cleaning gun is a plus in one’s tool shed as well as well at the home not it mention they are easy to use and fun as well.

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